A Protocol for Prediction Dapps and Games.
The Numeric Oracle on the blockchain.
An inspiring Ecosystem of powerful predictive models in Finance, Gaming and the Metaverse.
About Us
NORACLE is an open Numeric Oracle designed to be used to build various prediction applications on the blockchain. From GameFi to financial Dapps, the NORACLE protocol will support the development of applications that offer users the ability to use appropriate parameters in any domain to generate good predictions.
Open Protocol
Dapps and Games will be built on top of NORACLE to benefit from unique predictive models that enable a variety of features
The Ecosystem
Any Dapp using the protocol will be part of the NORACLE ecosystem as it will also be using the NORA token as base currency for the interactions with the protocol
GameFi Facilitator
A series of Strategize-To-Earn prediction games will be part of the ecosystem, adding fun to the games with strategies and competitions
Fun with NORA
The NORA token is the fuel of the whole ecosystem and will be used in staking and farming to let holders own a piece of the ecosystem and earn double rewards in BNB and NORA
AI in Action
Predictive models built in the protocol take advantage of the most advanced and proven Artificial Intelligence methods to get the most out of historical data
What is NORACLE?
Let's take a brief tour through the essentials in this video.
The NORACLE protocol is open for Dapps and Games of the Ecosystem.
Try the first game built on top of NORACLE
Experience a new way of Playing Number Prediction Games with NORA642 built on top of NORACLE and Chainlink's VRF
Test NORA642 Alpha
Noracle implements models that will make Horse Racing Games much more efficient and fun. NDRACE is a game that uses such a model from the protocol.
under construction...
NORABETS will extend the enjoyment of Sports Betting fans with AI models that generate predictions and help to optimise bets.
under construction...
Staking and Farming features in progress.
Be among the first to enjoy up to 188% APY as early adopter
Double Reward System in BNB and NORA tokens
Total Supply: 70 million NORA Tokens
  • Black hole: forever Locked and burnt for ER Rewards
  • Initial Ecosystem NORA Reserve: locked up for 6 months, then max 8% per month
  • Seed Investors: 4,16% distributed per week from TGE
  • Token Pre-sale: 4,16% distributed per week from TGE
  • Team & Advisors: locked up for 12 months, then 8,33% per month
  • Liquidity
  • Marketing
Initial Circulating Supply : 5M
Asymptotic Max Supply : 120M
This is a rough roadmap. The exact project progress will be published regularly on our Telegram announcement channel.
  • STEP 1
    • Project study & Research
    • Rough design
    • Proof of concept
    • Seed investment 1
  • STEP 2
    • Refined design
    • Team Building
    • License acquisition from Youpi24
    • Protocol development
    • Design NORA642 Game
  • STEP 3
    • NORA642 Prototyping
    • Whitepaper
    • Smart contracts design
    • Seed investment 2
  • STEP 4
    • Protocol Development
    • Community building
    • Strategic Token Pre-Sale
    • NORA public pre-sale
  • STEP 5
    • Release of NORA642
    • Token Generation Event (TGE)
    • Listing in DEXes and coin trackers
    • Partnerships, CEX listings
    • Marketing & PR Strategy
  • STEP 6
    • Staking features release
    • Release of Ecosystem Rewards
    • Further CEX listings
  • STEP 7
    • Review of prediction models for Sports Events
    • Release of NORABETS
    • Partnerships & More Games
  • STEP 8
    • Review of financial predictive models
    • Integration of financial predictive models
    • Ecosystem DApps using financial predictive models
  • STEP 9
    • Review of predictive models for metaverse games
    • Integration of predictive models for the metaverse
    • Release of NDRACE
    • Further metaverse Games using Noracle predictive models
  • STEP 10
    • Development of DAO features
    • More predictive models integration
    • Further protocol consolidation
  • To be Continued ...
Meet The Team
Inquiry: info@noracle.io