Join the AI revolution in gaming and finance

Secure your bag of $NORA tokens now for the ride ahead

We're poised to onboard millions of users with outstanding games and apps on the protocol, in addition to passive income opportunities for token holders within the ecosystem. Early adopters will be massively rewarded!

Secure your NORA tokens!

NORA tokens will be available on DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) and CEXes (Centralized Exchanges) after the Token Generation Event (TGE).

It is pre-sale time now, an opportunity to secure your spot as a pioneer with all the advantages documented on the website and described in detail in the Noracle whitepaper.

How are presales organized?

A total of 32 million SNORA will be distributed to all seed contributors, airdrop winners and pre-sale buyers of NORA tokens. SNORA are digital items that will be converted on a one-to-one basis into NORA tokens at the TGE.

To take part in the pre-sale, simply buy your desired quantity of SNORA and keep it in your crypto wallet. All these SNORA will be converted into NORA at TGE and linearly distributed according to the ratio described in the Noracle Tokenomics.

What's the difference between SNORA and NORA?

Each SNORA is a digital item guaranteeing its holder a NORA token on the Polygon main network. While SNORA will no longer have any value after the Noracle TGE, all generated NORA tokens will be the fuel of the Noracle ecosystem and will increase in value with the massive use of the protocol.

How many SNORA are available for sale?

18 million SNORA are available for sale. Everyone can follow in real time how many SNORA are still available for sale. Once all 18 million SNORA have been sold, a snapshot of the Polygon network will take place to determine which addresses will receive how many NORA tokens, and the TGE will take place right afterwards.

Why be part of the ecosystem?

With Noracle, predictive models are put into action to immerse themselves in games and financial applications. The protocol is destined not only to induce an ecosystem of original, stimulating, and fun games, but also to impact the entire DeFi ecosystem in the years to come.

You've known and loved the classic blockchain Oracles that feed DeFi applications with off-chain data? You'll love this new protocol, designed to serve as the base layer for a range of decision-support applications for DeFi, gaming and the Metaverse.

Benefits of the NORA Token?

The main use cases for NORA tokens are summarized in the Noracle OnePager. All these utilities, the tokens' scarcity and the well-designed staking/reward system will make NORA tokens one of the most prized values when the crypto bulls return.

SNORA Contract Address

Noracle Uses the Polygon Network

Don’t directly transfer any fund to this address.
Don’t have Polygon network on your MetaMask yet?

Then do the following:
1. On Metamask, select the Network tab/dropdown
2. Click on Add Network
3. Find Polygon Mainnet on the list of available networks
4. Approve the network addition

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    Total Presales Items: 18,000,000 SNORA

    Remaining Items: 18,000,000 SNORA

    Buy SNORA | SNORA $0
    • Connect wallet
    • Choose the currency you want to buy in
    • Enter your desired amount
    • Connect your wallet, confirm the transaction, and check your SNORA balance